sábado, 24 de enero de 2015


After the dismal failure of my last challenge, I have decided to try a different sort of challenge. I am going to join in the Self-Stitched September challenge over at So, Zo...

I am going to wear at least one thing made by me every day in September, and to make it harder I'm also going to enforce a no repeats rule. I will include accessories, but since this is 'stitched' things (as opposed to Zoe's Me-Made March challenge) I will not count my jewellery unless it involves stitching in some way.

Unfortunately September rather surprised me this year (really, where has the year gone?), and so it was half-way through the day before I realised that I was supposed to have started the challenge. Fortunately I spent last night shortening a pair of trousers from a new suit (11.5cm shorter - wow), so I managed not to fail on day 1.